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Bowtech manual owners

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The string is a coated steel cable. What is a bowtech bow? Bowtech Tomkat Americas Best Bowstrings offers the finest bowstrings and cables you can put on your Tomkat by Bowtech. There were also parents stating that it was shot successfully by their 5 year old sons or daughters, but this depends a lot on the individual kid. We sell the most popular Bowtech models and have built up a large inventory, including the Bowtech Reign, Patriot, Sniper, Prodigy, and Old Glory. length requirements, however adjust-ing the draw length will affect the let-off and valley at the same time. Bowtech Solo Cam Size N .

. It is adjustable from 26 to 30 inches without necessarily changing the cams. Every BowTech bow has completed a comprehensive check and balance process.

I got smooth mods,27. Bowtech TomKat Compound Bow Deals On Ebay. It comes with all the accessories you need to embark on a hunting expedition.

Installation of non-authorized BowTech components could void your warranty. It is constructed to Archery Trade Association ( ATA) and Archery Manufacturers‘ Association (AMO) standards. CHANGING THE LET-OFF CONT. 5" draw length on the Allegiance and Tribute, a 29.

I also found statements that small built females (53“) shot it as well but – again – I would suggest you get something appropriate if you are an bowtech tomkat owners manual adult as this one is meant to be shot by kids. Maybe you can a find a custom solution to add a bowfishing reel – which may void the warranty. Are these the smooth or speed cams? contact the mod stop, making the Binary Cam System less ef ficient and also giving very high let-of f. Pros – very affordable for testing the waters – good quality by a big brand Cons – accessories are cheaply made – arrows are crap. Owner MANUALS Please note - Adobe Acrobat is required to open the manuals. 403 results for bowtech modules. But don’t forget that this might depend heavily on the skills of the individual young shooter.

This includes the bowstring with a length of 53 3/4 and cables with a length of 36 3/8. · Unlike my normal videos, this one has just about zero production value. - The Bowtech TomKat Compound Bow covers all the basics hunters want in a bow they can rely on when they draw on the beast they’ve come to harvest. If you need to know any thing about y.

This means if you shoot too high and way to the right, you need to adjust the sight accordingly. Save this search. I am a crossbow guy but want to venture into compounds as well. With a maximum poundage of 22 lbs there is, of course, no hand shock recognizable.

The overall length from top to bottom including cams is around 35″. It doesn&39;t feel comfortable, so I want to put the old modules back on. I would recommend it for children that are 7 – 8 or 9 years old.

Adjusting this draw stop is as drastic as adjustments to slotted post draw stop. disclaimer of liability: by accepting a bowtech product, the buyer. This one is actually called a "Blackkat" due to its only 1 of 2 that were made with this color which is black marble with gold flake specs.

Bowtech Archery Goods, Men&39;s Old Glory Shirts, Bowtech Archery Bow Strings, Bowtech Multi-Color Archery Equipment, Target Bowtech Archery Bows, Bowtech Bow Hunting Archery Bows, Bowtech 28in. Doing so will ef fect performance, let-off and draw length. Apart from that, I am not sure if 22 lbs is enough to penetrate the water and hit the fish well. Bowtech is one of the leading companies producing compound bows. I took it to my dealer and had my draw shortened about 6 months. This collection is GREAT for the avid archery hunter! If you have one who is on the weaker side, you could detach the quiver to save some weight.

Contact your Authorized BowTech Dealer for adjustment assistance and to purchase authorized BowTech replacement parts. LOL I found a copy of the Bowtech Chart that goes with my Allegiance and it calls for a EFA 1. String: 86 5/16", CBL: 34 7/8" . If you have to set the draw weight down a lot, I suggest you get lighter arrows, as the ones that come with this model are rather heavy and might drop to the floor like stones when being shot with a low poundage. · Bowtech Tomkat I bought my Tomkat at Schulers in Commerce for 9.

Any help would be great. Since my local dealer isn&39;t open very much, I decided to change the mods my self. This means that you are not able to serve a peep sight in. Order a set of custom made Bowtech bow strings and cable replacements for your compound bow. The Barnett Tomcat itself is well made and feels quite sturdy. Bowtech has long been a premier producer of strings and archery accessories that deliver powerful performance.

Ending Dec 11 at 8:55AM PST 6d 12h. Enjoy quiet and smooth drawing as you aim your targets. · Im currently using a PSE and have killed deer with it, but have decided its time to get somthing new. He bought a new PSE 2 years ago and no longer uses it. Bowtech Realm SR6 Compound Bow. A compound bow uses cams and pulleys to assist with the bow&39;s draw. Rating: 93 % of 100 (Read 6 Review(s) Below) | Add Review. For all of you who don’t know what a peep is – just forget about it as it is not important for your kids right now.

You will have it for a very long time if you buy it when your kiddos are still very young. Mathews Parts: PSE Parts: Golden Eagle Parts: Hoyt Parts: Browning Parts: High Country Parts: Bear Parts: Bowtech, Diamond, Stryker Parts. Bowtech Convergance Package 9. The smart bow system enables you to adjust draw stop timi. · Im selling a bowtech tomkat, complete custom.

Using the finest BCY fibers on the market today as well as their advanced string building technologies they are able to provide you with the best bowstrings and cables out there for your Tomkat. Apart from that it feels professional and mature, just like daddy’s model. At around 40 bucks, the Barnett Tomcat is a very affordable option to test if your children might be interested in archery at all.

before using your new bowtech bow, read and understand the following material outlined in this manual. It may not be the best youth model out there, but because of the low price it is a very good solution if you are not sure if your kiddos will stay interested in shooting bows. Apart from that it was never meant to be used for hunting.

Its maximum setting might be already a bit too weak for an 11 year old kid, so you may want to look at other models like the Barnett Vortex if your child is 10 years or older. · BowTech offers the Tomkat with a choice of two performance modules, allowing archers to customize the bow’s characteristics to best suit each situation. Also, the manual says that whenever changing the draw length module you will have to bowtech tomkat owners manual readjust the post setting. See your Authorized BowTech. I love mine hope to kill my first turkey with it.

. Bowtech Archery contact information including phone number, address, email address, website link and compound bow information and specs. With a net weight of 3 lb 8 oz. Their customer support is pretty good and will help you out most of the times as soon as possible.

Find out more about downloading Adobe Reader by visiting this website. Bowtech bows are made in America, by passionate employees (around 300 of them). Send us an e-mail. 5 draw @ 65&39;s,275fps,limbdriver drop away rest HHA optimizer 1 pin sight, G5 meta peep. Post adjustment incorporates all the settings necessary for BowTech mod-.

Decrease the poundage by turning counterclockwise. If it is a matter of just finding the right module and adjusting A to A them I am game. i bought it naked for 0. The lower you set the draw weight the noisier it gets, which is pretty normal for any bow. It’s set at 27” draw and you will need 2 cam mods to adjust to your length. One module is designed for an ultra-smooth draw, perfect for long practice sessions or long 3D tournaments. This is helpful as it makes the draw easier than a traditional recurve bow on the draw, preventing fatigue during hunts or target shooting. 01-09 BOWTECH Owner&39;s Manuals on CD!

I also found a lot of dads complaining that the arrows won’t stick, that it has not enough power and that it won’t shoot 50 yards straight. For all the others: I would not see it as a dow. The Bowtech TomKat has been out for awhile, so used units are out there for 5 bowtech tomkat owners manual to 0, depending on condition, while a new Bowtech TomKat might be found for 9 to 9. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Choose our reliable Bowtech replacement strings and enjoy world-class design expertise, vast manufacturing capabilities, and.

With a maximum poundage of 22 lbs, it is way below the legal requirement for most states – which means it is simply too weak to hunt anything with it. Thanks, I appreciate the chart. Don’t know what that is? Any changes made to the draw stop will directly affect let-off. For sighting in a bowsight you simply need to follow the arrows.

Performance testing is completed using a Custom Chrono, Heavy Duty ProShop Meter and digital scales. Apart from a lot of practice, getting a Whisker Biscuit and better arrows might help too! Any alterations to the original f a c t bowtech tomkat owners manual o ry setup could inhibit perf o rm-ance. You will get a 3 pin fiber optic Brightglo Sight which is okay for a starter model.

Full set of custom made Compound bow string and cables for your Bowtech Tomkat Compound bow. If you are shopping for a used compound bow or have other needs for knowing the year the bow was produced. -Using correct size allen wrench, increase the poundage by turning the limb bolts clockwise. Modules are available in 1’’ and/or 1/2” incre-ments. was custom made for a pro archer&39;s son but was made RH instead of LH. The draw weight is set to 55lbs but is adjustable. Features of a 60X Custom Bowtech Tomkat Compound Bow String Set: Proprietary 5 Stage Stretching Process; 30 Bowstring Colors; 30 Serving Colors; BCY.

But overall, 3 lbs should not be too much for young archers. See all Item description. 4, however my cam doesn&39;t have any numbers on it. The Barnett Tomcat draws – due to the rounded cam design – pretty softly. The module rotates with the cam until it comes into contact with the cables, providing an effective back wall. How does a bowtech draw stop work? · I just bought a used Bowtech Tomkat and was wondering what module I had.

For bowhunting you need a lot of kinetic energy, by the way. Went to Bowtech web site and the owners manual list A to A at 32 1/2" but on their same site list A to A as 31". Archery Compound Bows, Old Glory Napoleonic War Game Miniatures (15mm), Bowtech Archery Accessories, Esme Pajama Sets Sleepwear (Sizes 4 & Up) for Girls. The sight is adjustable, which means you can sight it in. Never move post more than 1/2 mark from factory settings. Read our reviews. Well, as the Tomcat was designed for very young archers, the noise level is quite okay.

now I&39;m REALLY confused.

Bowtech tomkat owners manual

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